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In the current business industry, it is essential to have analytical skills and make important challenging decisions. It is vital to have financial principles and the ability to make informed decisions that help mitigate risks and take advantage of upcoming opportunities for the organisation.

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques (FATT) is a comprehensive one-day seminar where participants will learn how to identify financial risks and be equipped with valuable knowledge in the financial analysis tools and techniques

Why attend our


  • Develop skills in analysis to determine the financial success of a business
  • Identify critical financial success indicators
  • Be able to interpret financial statements and financial reports
  • Recognize opportunity cost and “red flags” reflected in the financial reports
  • Develop a structured approach to analyzing financial indicators

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Learn the basic steps in preparing, scanning and analyzing the most valuable information in financial statements


Using power financial tools to analyze your organization’s numbers by using ratios to evaluate an organization’s profitability, liquidity, leverage and efficiency — the ratio categories to predict dangers ahead

Make better
financial decisions

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques


Demystifying critical financial concepts by understanding the role that assets, liabilities and net worth play in your quest to become a financially viable business entity


Learn how to make better financial decisions using financial information when you analyze the impact of fixed and variable costs in your business as you work on expansion.

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Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques

In House Seminar

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques

One – on – One Tutorial

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques

Public Run Seminar

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Php 1,000 / hour

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Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques


Digest a vast of knowledge from an experienced entrepreneur to help you progress

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques

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Master new skills and explore your niche

Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques

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